Management philosophy

Mutualism Each Country, For the World

The Japanese population is forecast to decrease to less than 100 million people in the future,
so the Japanese government tries to encourage 60 million visitors by 2030.

It is not too much say that “The Shape of the Country” is going to change.

Typified by the Internet, the world is now becoming borderless.
We feel a mutual influence and a growing together in business and culture.

This borderless-world (globalization) is the way for mankind to advance.

Then, how do we Japanese participate in this borderless-world like the world federation?
What can we be proud of contributing for the development of people in the world?

We found the answer from a history essay “Kono Kunino Katachi” (The Shape of this Country) published by Ryotaro Shiba.

That is; “If my reputation/name is important to me”, I “do not do something shameful”/ “do not tell a lie”.

The following is a quotation from Shiba’s essay.

“From now on Japan will take action towards and will receive reactions from the world.
Therefore, we think about “What if my reputation/name is important to me?”.
By this one saying, we can reach the same level as the ethical standard of Christianity established in Europe.”

We, Japan Quality Co. Ltd, believe that “CHANTO” embodies the spirit of “What if my reputation/name is important to me?”.

We want visitors in Japan to experience this “CHANTO” spirit,
then we want them to bring that satisfaction back to their countries,
and convey that spirit as a role model for other countries, so that we can realize our long cherished wish to become one part of a bridge to international development.

CEO   Atsuhiro Shirota

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Name Japan Quality Co., Ltd.
Location Village N 402, 5-27-11 Nogata, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Postal Code 165-0027
Date of establishment June 3, 2016
Capital Fifteen million yen
Business Web Marketing to Tourist in Japan
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