Reasons Why We Recommend Dental Clinics to Join Our Inbound Tourism Services An explanation why we recommend dental clinics join our in-bound tourism services.

There are 3 reasons why we recommend starting in-bound tourism services.

  1. Reason No.1:There are 3 reasons why we recommend starting in-bound tourism>Because of the Demand!

    We took a survey of 104 people whose who speak Chinese at the Asakusa Sensoji temple on May 28th, 2016. The result was outstanding. There is definitely demand!!
    69.2% said “I am interested in cleaning and whitening my teeth.”52% said “I want to receive such services as cleaning my mouth and teeth in Japan.If ways to communicate were established, the demand would become more visible.
    Reasons why they want to have these services;
    No.1 Want to be beautiful.
    No.2 High quality level of dentistry in Japan.
    We can see how much trust there is in the quality of dentistry in Japan.

  2. Reason No.2Reason No.2: Now is the Best Time to Start

    The Japanese government has publicly declared its goal of 40 million visitors by the time of the Tokyo Olympics, and 60 million by 2030. In addition, the government is positioning tourism as a main industry for Japan, and is working out several policies toward becoming an “Advanced Tourism” country.

    Local authorities and private companies are taking action accordingly. They have started now to expand their in-bound tourism services. For example, medical tourism, the increase of LCCs (Low Cost Carriers), construction of resorts for high income visitors, guest houses, multi-language ATMs, TAX-FREE shops, and so on.

    Medical tourism is well known, however, dental tourism is not yet well known. Therefore, now is the best time to start!!

  3. Reason No.3What is “Normal” in Japan is “Wonderful” for the World

    For example, one tourist from the Middle East went to a café for the first time in Japan. He was surprised because water was served when he took a seat. Water is very precious in his country, so he could not believe that water was free.
    How about at the dental clinic?
    The reception staff greets the patient with a smile, and the patient waits in a clean waiting room. Dental assistants call the patient’s name gently, and the patient takes a seat in a clean dental chair. The Dentist (or assistant) listens to the patient, and explains the treatment carefully, and then does the treatment while considerately asking the patient how he feels. This is just normal service in Japan, nothing unusual to find in a dental clinic.

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