Introduction ~Our Vision~

Why did we start dental in-bound tourism consulting services?


In 2015, 19.73 million people visited Japan.
The Japanese government has a goal of 40 million by 2020, and 60 million by 2030.
Several organizations such as the government, local authorities, and private companies have started to prepare for in-bound tourism business. For examples, medical visas, airport facilities, hotel facilities, WIFI, and TAX-FREE shops. We believe that Japan will become a different country.
And we’ve started this business because there is much room to expand in dental in-bound tourism services.

訪日外客数推移 2015年 1,973.7万人

Our Strengths

Strengths in dental clinic marketing

We have not stepped into the dental industry suddenly or lightly. Our staff has been engaged in dental marketing consultant activities for a long time.
With experience in analyzing business management, as well as risk management, and in establishing dental organizations, we have a motto; “working together makes for a synergy effect!”

Treatment Options

What we can start with - Esthetic Dentistry -

First of all, we can provide treatments or procedures not covered by health insurance, because these treatments are for tourists in Japan.
For such treatment, we’d like to recommend Esthetic Dentistry to customers (cleaning, whitening, such as Selleck etc)
Why Esthetic Dentistry? We predict that due to communication difficulties, more complicated procedures such as implants will have a higher risk for medical mistakes, and subsequent claims/complaints.
Therefore, we wish to promote this service as a “stop-by during sightseeing” service, not as a “medical needs” service


Is There a Demand for Such Services?

Results of a Questionnaire(Survey)

“Is there such a demand for dental services among tourists in Japan?” you might ask.
We took a survey of 104 people whose who speak Chinese at the Asakusa Sensoji temple on May 28th, 2016.
The results were surprising, because there is definitely demand.

Which country to start with?

There are reasons to start with Chinese-speaking countries.

As you can see from the diagram, most tourists are from Chinese-speaking countries (China, Taiwan, and Hong-Kong).
Also, tourists from Chinese-speaking countries have the largest share in travel expenditures.

2015年訪日外客数国別ランキング 平成27年訪日外国人旅行消費額 3兆4,771億円 / 中国14,174億円40.8%

What kind of Customers?

Higher Income Classes

In order to receive treatment, customers will need a certain amount of time as well as economic stability.
With this in mind, customers from the higher income classes will necessarily be the majority of our visiting customers.

With our focus on such customers, we will advertise our services to people of higher income classes who come to Japan for private travel.

Successful anywhere in Japan?

Location is a crucial element

For such inbound tourism startup businesses, the location of the dental clinic is very important.
Because we expect customers to visit clinics during their stay in Japan,
we will provide information regarding nearby sightseeing places so that the customer’s companions may enjoy visiting such places while the customer is at the clinic.

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