What We Can Do 歯科医院に提供する、具体的なサービスを説明します。

An explanation of what our business actually does.
We provide necessary services as one package to dental clinics for starting up their inbound tourism business.

Management of Web Media Site “CHANTO”

“CHANTO” is a general information website for tourists from other countries to learn about Esthetic Dentistry in Japan, which is secure, safe, and trustworthy. Languages available are Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese (Hong-Kong), and English.

Tourists can search dental clinics around the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai regions, as well as dental clinics located near sightseeing facilities.

Therefore, since we introduce sightseeing places and facilities around dental clinics, tourists can enjoy visiting these places before and after treatments at the dental clinic.

Benefits of Putting Dental Clinic Information on the CHANTO Website

  • Able to start business in huge new market by creating your own dental clinic page in 4 languages
  • Able to reduce advertising and promotion costs.
    Using economies of scale, we can release this web media site “CHANTO” to a global market.
  • In principal, there will be no direct reservations and inquiries from customers.
    Customers will make inquiries and reservation requests via the “CHANTO” web site. Therefore, such inquiries and reservation requests will be handled by a collaboration between us and the dental clinic.
    ※In the near future, we will develop an application that makes it possible to have direct reservations.
  • We prevent problems by asking customers to make a deposit payment and reservation agreement in advance.

Multi-Language Application Development (iPad Compatible)

We have developed a multi-language application in order for customers to have smooth communication during their visit to your clinic.
(Chinese, Taiwanese and English)
This application has functions to translate sentences and to record voices as well.
This application will enable smooth communication in several situations, for example; at reception, during interview and examination, while undergoing treatment, and at the time of payment.

ガイダンスアプリ 画面イメージ ガイダンスアプリ 画面イメージ ガイダンスアプリ 画面イメージ

Benefits to Implementing the Multi-Language Application

  • Able to have basic communication without staff who can speak Chinese, Taiwanese and English.
  • Able to record the dental clinic’s own sentences and explanations. (Voice Recording compatible)
  • There will less disruption to other patients at the dental clinic because of using wireless earphones with Bluetooth.
  • ☑The dental clinic can use its own iPad without an internet connection.
    ※The dental clinic does need an internet connection at the time of installing and updating the application.

Analog (Paper) Communication Tools

We will also supply a “Medical Questionnaire”, an “Examination Form”, “Explanation/Instructions Sheets” and “Notes” forms for medical care at the dental clinic.
(In Chinese, Taiwanese, and English)

Also, we supply paper communication tools for basic conversations, available for when many clients visit at once, or in case the iPad does not work properly.

Benefits to Having Communication Tools at the Dental Clinic

  • Able to receive necessary information by written form before and after treatments.
  • As a risk management, it prevents problems in advance by gaining signatures for treatment consent.
  • Makes it possible to have a basic conversation when many clients visit at once, or in case the iPad does not work properly.
問診票、検診票、説明書、注意事項 イメージ

Inbound Tourism Marketing Agency

We evaluate various promotional methods, and improve our methods day by day, so that tourists from China, Taiwan and English speaking countries feel like: “I want to go!!” “I want to try it!!”

As of August, 2016, the major strategy of promotion is to publish official accounts in SNS such as Sina Weibo (新浪微博), Facebook, Instagram etc, and to spread information using advertisement and experiences of those who have had Esthetic Dentistry.

Also, we look daily for new marketing methods, for example, we try to publish special articles “Experiences of Esthetic Dentistry services in Japan!!” to travel agents for visitors in Japan and in “Japan Travel Guide for Chinese (日本万漫遊)”, “Travel Guide for Taiwanese (樂吃購!日本)”, “Visit Japan”, magazines etc. japan」などに「日本の審美歯科サービス体験!」という特集ページ設置できるかなど、マーケティング戦略を日々思索しています。

  • 【Sina Weibo (新浪微博】

    ※The Chinese version of Facebook.

  • 【樂吃購!日本】

    Information site for Taiwanese travelers.

  • 【C TRIP】

    ※Major travel agent in China
    for traveling to Japan.

Benefits of Using In-Bound Tourism Marketing Agency

  • Significant cost reduction compared to self-marketing.
  • Able to attract more customers by promoting services of the Japanese brand “CHANTO”!
  • Able to categorize customers using the Japan Tourism Agency data, and directly target higher income class customers.

Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services for telephone calls and email inquiries from customers.
We cooperate with the dental clinic to communicate interpreted information.
Also, we have an emergency call center service, in case a customer has trouble.

Benefits to using our Interpretation Service

  • No need of staff who can handle multiple languages.
  • Close collaboration in Japanese between dental clinics and our dedicated call center staff regarding inquiries and reservations.
  • The emergency call center service gives peace of mind to our dental clinic clients.

※We will provide separate interpreters in case there is a need in the future for a higher level of communication due to more complicated procedures, such as implants.

Translation Services

We provide translation services for customers such as dental clinic information (website etc) on the “CHANTO” website, “Medical Questionnaire”, “Treatment Consent Form”, “Notes” and so on. (Chinese, Taiwanese, English)

Benefits to using translation services

  • Significant cost reduction compared to the dedicated translation company.
  • Provides correct and consistent translation by editorial supervisors in each language.

Information Sharing of Claim (Complaint) Cases

We share important information for in-bound tourism businesses regarding complaint cases and near-miss incidents via email.

Benefits of having such information

  • Able to receive the latest specialized information for in-bound tourism businesses.
  • Able to avoid trouble in advance by knowing what has happened in complaint cases.

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